1D Flash Mob LA - Awesome :D

"here it is! the final product that you have ALL been waiting for. It has been a privilege and an honor to put on this amazing event dedicated to One Direction. We are so happy at how well it turned out, and we honestly could not have asked for it to go any better!
thank you to everyone who participated and who stayed dedicated throughout this whole process. All our hard work TRULY did pay off!
thanks again to everyone, this was truly a rewarding experience that we will never forget!

PS: sorry the quality is a tad shaky. This is the only decent video we were able to work with, being that we almost got arrested:P"

- detta skrev dem som beskrivning :)
Så jävla coolt, ursäkta ordvalet!  :D Titta, hur bra som helst enligt mig!


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